Dylan-Baez. Carretera perdida, camino de perdición


Por el camino –perdido y de perdición– que transitó Hank Williams. Hank Williams’ reputation today rests, in part, on his status as the artist who cemented the notion that the singer and the song had to be indivisible if the effect on the listener was to have sufficient resonance and depth. Yet Williams was also a fine interpreter of others’ songs, so much so that Lost Highway, written by Leon “I Love You Because” Payne, is often mistaken for a Williams original. The song’s protagonist seems to have ambled straight out of the dustbowl, an everyman doomed by luckless love to roam, rootless and alone, in constant search of redemptive purpose. Williams’ own struggle to [...]

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Doug Sham and Band live at Austin (Texas), 1974


Why I Love ‘Volare’, by Bob Dylan


Robert Zimmerman, a.k.a. Bob Dylan F lying too high can be dangerous, one bad move leads to another, and that move is usually worse than the one before. Committing yourself too early can lead to disaster, but once you go, you go. This song is zooming and whizzing and runs the course, it gets up to speed and barges into the sun, ricochets off the stars, smokes pipe dreams and blasts into cloud cuckoo land. It’s a whimsical song and stays aloft. You get the mental picture, Utopia, and it’s painted blue. Oil paint, cosmetics and greasepaint, frescoes with blue slapped on, and you’re singing like a canary. You’re tickled pink and walking on air, and [...]

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Peluquero de Sonny Boy Williamson


Clarksdale (Coahoma County), Mississippi Delta. Otros cortes de pelo del barbero de Sonny Boy Williamson: Y más LIghtnin' Hopkins en edder.org:

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I have a dream


I have a dream. A good dream. I have a dream today...

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Amistad ruso-finlandesa: Knock knock knockin’


Otros tiempos, no tan lejanos aunque se diría que muy muy remotos: Leningrad Cowboys y los Coros del Ejercito Rojo en Helsinki. Corría 1994.

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