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Confinado con Bob Dylan


Audio: Bob Dylan: Murder Most Foul (finales de marzo de 2020, 17 minutos) Vídeo: fragmento (17 minutos) de On Paradise Road (2020), de James Benning (filmado en Val Verde, Texas, en los días del primer confimamiento de 2020) Texto: Nick Cave sobre Murder Most Foul de Dylan (Londres, primer confinamiento, 2020) “Many other people have also written in about Bob Dylan’s new song, ‘Murder Most Foul’ — and the interest is justifiable. It is a perplexing but beautiful song and, like many people, I have been extremely moved by it. At the heart of this seventeen-minute epic is a terrible event, the assassination of JFK — a dark vortex that threatens to pull everything into it, just [...]

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That beautiful Tennessee waltz


Versión Sam Cooke, 1964: I was dancin' with my darlin' to the Tennessee waltz when an old friend I happened to see, oh yeah, I introduced him to my babe and while they were dancin' my friend stole my sweetheart away from me I remember the night and that beautiful Tennessee waltz Now I know just how much I have lost, Yes, I lost my babe the night they were playing that beautiful Tennessee waltz   Más valses de Tennessee en

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Ballarat (California)


Toma 1: música: Steppenwolf imagen: László Kovács & Denis Hopper   Toma 2: música: Sadie Benning imagen: James Benning

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El vals de Tennessee

2012-08-10T21:54:32+02:00   I was dancin' with my darlin' To the Tennessee Waltz When an old friend I happened to see I introduced her to my loved one And while they were dancin' My friend stole my sweetheart from me I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz Now I know just how much I have lost Yes, I lost my little darlin' The night they were playing The beautiful Tennessee Waltz

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