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Every guy I know
Trying to get ahead
Working two jobs
Til you're almost dead
(You tell em)
Work your fingers
Right down to the bone
There's a cat named Jody
Sneaking around in your home
There's a cat named Jody
In every town
Spending lots of cash
And just riding around
Ride on, Jody
Ride on, ride on
With your bad self
The ashes in your ashtray
Footprints on your carpet
While you work all day
He even got the nerve
To sleep in your bed
Sit down at the table
Eat your bread
When you get home
After working hard all day
Jody's got your girl
And he don't play
I said
Ain't no sense in going home
Jody's got your girl and gone
(You gotta get home but
You work too hard)
(It ain't no sense in going home)
(You gotta get home but
You work too hard)
Ain't no